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MOR-RTCS is the official agent of the Morrison & Co., Ltd in US. Also, MOR-RTCS is the main Internet contact window of the Morrison & Co., Ltd. in China. The Morrison & Co., Ltd. (abbreviated "MOR" and URL, named after the highest mountain in Taiwan - Mt. Morrison, is established in Taiwan at 1971. The MOR has been concerntrating in providing a creative platform where hi-tech innovation and unexpected needs come together to fuse into brand new products and markets. Currently, the main products of MOR are fine chemicals, industrial tapes and force sensors.

1. Cationic polymerization initiators - Suitable for one-component type curing agent for epoxy resin
陽離子硬化起始劑 - 適用於一液型環氧樹脂硬化起始劑

2. VIG Heat-resist Tape - Low contamination and heat-resis functional tapes
VIG 耐熱膠帶 - 低污染及耐高溫的功能性保護膠帶

3. Thermo Intelligent Tape - Switch peeling strength beneath temperature changing
感溫智慧膠帶 - 具有智彗般的溫控黏著劑膠帶

4. JR3/6-Axis force Sensor - 6-Axis force sensor, it's including Fx,Fy,Fz, Mx,My,Mz
JR3/6 軸向力傳感器 - 6 軸包括 Fx,Fy,Fz, Mx, My, Mz

5. Liniax/3-6 Axis tiny force sensor - 3-6 Axis tiny force sensor
Liniax/3-6 軸微型向力傳感器 - 3 軸包括 Fz,Mx,My, 6 軸同上

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